Discover the industry standard for geopolitical simulation of today’s world !

The Geopolitical Simulator series

In this geopolitical simulation of today’s world, players can play as heads of state or government (president, king, prime minister, etc.) of a country that they choose when they begin. They can take action in a number of areas: economic, social, military, political (domestic and foreign), environmental, cultural, transportation, etc. All the countries of the world are represented with their own variables and ways of functioning. The game includes phases for economic management, trade, wargame, construction, espionage, simulation, and political manipulation.

The simulation’s database has over 100,000 data elements, updated on January 1, 2013, and 15,000 dialogues and scenario scripts. The simulation tools developed by Eversim are used in serious gaming by several organizations, such as NATO.

Power & Revolution
Geo-Political Simulator 4
2016 (PC)
Masters of the World
Geo-Political Simulator 3
2013 (PC - MAC)
Rulers of Nations
Geo-Political Simulator 2
2010 (PC)
Geo-Political Simulator 1
2008 (PC)

Other poltitics simulation games

The race for the White House 2016
2016 (PC)
World Of Leaders
2014 (PC - ANDROID)
The race for the White House
2012 (PC - MAC - IPAD - ANDROID)
Elections 2012 - En route pour l'Elysée
2012 (PC-MAC)
Bundeskanzler 2009-2013
2009 (PC)
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